Peter Cohn is a piano technician and piano tuner specializing in tuning, rebuilding, repairs, restoration and regulation of touch. He offers over 20 years experience providing full service piano maintenance to professional performers, individuals, churches, colleges and universities in and around the Baltimore, Washington D.C. area.

Come Judge Peter Cohn’s Work

Peter Cohn tunes all the performance pianos at Gordon Center in Owings Mills, Md;

The Gordon Center in Owings Mills

Peter Cohn tunes all the performance pianos at Murphy Fine Arts, Morgan State University;

Murphy Fine Arts 

Peter Cohn tunes the pianos at the Community Concerts at Second Presbyterian which is perhaps the easiest of concerts to hear as they are presented free in a fantastic acoustic environment;

Community Concerts at Second Presbyterian

Here are some more clients that Peter Cohn works with;

Baltimore Chamber Jazz

Peter Cohn also specializes in historic restoration and works with insurance companies on fire or water damage pianos.

*See the “trailer” of the movie Gravity to hear an example of Peter Cohn’s non-equal temperament tuning. The musical piece used in the trailer is from the recording, INNER VOICE: PETER MINKLER, VIOLA WITH LURA JOHNSON, PIANO, NOV. 2010, CENTAUR RECORDS. This recording is available for purchase, and is highly recommended. The cd was released and then used in a “trailer” for the movie. Interestingly, the piano for this work was tuned using the non-equal temperament, which is something Peter Cohn offers as well as the equal temperament or the contemporary “standard tuning”.