Piano Rebuilding

Piano makes all got their great reputations the same way: they built a great instrument that would last. That effort is clearly found in the construction of these fine pianos that last for generations. The great makes of Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, early Baldwin, even the Baltimore makes of Knabe and Stieff all started with remarkable construction.

In many situations these pianos will provide 50 to 75 years of use with just regular maintenance. At some point, a major system like the soundboard or the pinblock must be replaced. Peter Cohn has over 20 years experience rebuilding fine pianos. He offers pinblock replacement utilizing the same fitting method used at the Steinway factory. Peter Cohn is comfortable working on pianos that have been part of a fire or has under gone water damage. He’s very experienced in dealing with insurance companies and lends support in managing your insurance claim. Being experienced with historical restoration of antique keyboard instruments let Peter Cohn advise you on what is best for your piano. Often a procedure of replacing the old bass strings and hammers is just what is needed.